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Title: Deep Tissue Vaginal Massage

MusicLady - May 11, 2005 06:59 PM (GMT)
This was posted on one of the Yahoo lists, and I thought it was interesting, and possibly helpful. I haven't tried it, but might do it yet. If anyone does try it, I'd be interested to hear if it was helpful.

Deep Tissue Vaginal Massage

Deep Tissue Vaginal Massage - Sound weird? Well, as a massage therapist I do deep tissue massage all the time to relieve chronic pain, and it is very effective everywhere else, so why not DOWN THERE?

Some guide lines:

Don't use this before any tears or episiotomies have healed - you could reopen them, and that is very serious.

It is best to do this massage for about 10 minutes every evening, as opposed to a marathon session which will leave you sore and unwilling to try it again.

Don't do more than is comfortable - every little bit helps, so just take it slowly!
Its not as hard as it sounds - deep tissue actually isn't deep, its just a phrase that referrs to a type of massage that works on connective tissue. CT is where "body memories" are stored, including pain, trigger points and repressed memories. But you don't need to know that, or any other fancy massage stuff:)

Just do this:

Start by making a comfortable space - bed with pillows, or squatting on a soft carpet make sure your hands are washed use some lubricating gel, or olive oil - aloe vera gel is great because its soothing, but any lubricant will work

Start by gently lubricating the outside of your vagina generously - you don't want any friction.

Now, gently put a finger just inside your vagina and squeeze it with the kegel exercises you remember so well from pregnancy. Pay attention to the feel of that ring of muscle - if you had an episiotomy, that was what was cut. If you had skid marks, the trigger points (painful spots) may be more shallow, in the skin of the vagina.

Now very gently grab that ring of muscle (while its relaxed) between your thumb and index finger, and squeeze it. Pick a side and start, working your way all the way from front to back, and back around to front on the other side.

In doing this, you have probably located every single painful spot. Good! If you know where they are exactly, you can solve them!

Do this a few times until the muscle feels loose and relaxed, go easy on the sore parts - if your epi scar is really sore/stiff just massage to either side of it. It will still help.

Feel for any little knots - either in the skin or in the muscle deep. These little knots are trigger points, and probably you've already noticed that when you push on them you get a familiar pain. Those knots are where you want to work!

Once the ring of muscle is relaxed and you are comfortable pick one of the least tender knots and put direct pressure on it with the ball of your thumb for about one minute. If that is tolerable, then pick another and do the same.

Keep going until you have addressed all the trigger points you can find that aren't too painful to deal with. Again, if your epi scar is too sore to touch, just work as close as you can, it will still help.

Okay, last part: Using the ball of your thumb and starting at the front of the ring, apply steady pressure to the ring of muscle and slooooowly start to slide around the ring. Keep the pressure steady and push deeply into the muscle from the center of the ring out. It should take a couple of minutes to go all the way around if you're going slow enough.

Now, the first part of the massage is to get blood flowing to your pelvic floor so the muscles will get relaxed, and to introduce your hands and vagina to eachother. The direct pressure on trigger points is to change the pain message they send to your brain - to get it all out, as it were.
The last part is to break down scar tissue that might be keeping your vagina from relaxing fully to allow penetration without pain. When there are trigger points in an epi scar, address them once the scar is no longer painful to touch and go slowly - a couple of minutes a night. Don't over do it, or you will be unwilling to keep going the next night!

A final note, occasionally a woman will have a rigid, hard vagina post partum - while this condition is not really addressed in western medicine (they just advise you to wait) it is easily treatable in Chinese medicine. Find a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist to treat you for Liver Blood Deficiency - the rigidity is caused by a lack of blood in the liver meridian - no blood to make the tissue moist and soft. From the horses mouth of an acupuncture student :)

jen14 - May 11, 2005 09:04 PM (GMT)
THAT was very interesting!!! Thanks for sharing. If I get extra time everyday... I may have to try it. Sounds a little complex too... but you'll definately get to "know" your body.

Summerlady - May 13, 2005 03:27 AM (GMT)
Just to let everyone know that i had a scar inside the opening of vagina and it was horrendously painful that nothing could help it other than surgery to relieve the pain. I did have several surgeries for vulvodynia and also 3 children. I believe the very painful scarring came after laser surgery. The last surgery that healed me was the one that helped.
:jumping: Summer

Tessah - May 17, 2005 12:15 AM (GMT)
Thank you for posting this! I decided to try it tonight. I had no problem putting my finger in, but I could barely feel the muscles when I tried to squeeze down (I think this is the reason I haven't been diagnosed with vaginismus). I could not for the life of me figure out how one could grab the "ring of muscles" between the index finger and thumb--I'm not sure what angle I would have to approach it with. So instead I decided to move my finger in a circular motion against the muscle from the inside. This was fine until I got to the bottom (back wall) of the vagina, and then OW OWW OOWW!!! I had to stop.

It's good to know where the pain is located though. I always knew it was in that area, but I have never been able to activate it on my own like that before.

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